About Art Tawanghar

Thank you for your interest in my work! My true passion lays within defining and creating beautiful functional work what can deliver the ultimate world class experience.

I'm a senior UI / UX designer working at Agena Bio. In addition to my love and passion for design, I am equally involved in the world of photography & Producing Music which has been featured on #1 Billboard chart and received many awards for. I enjoy all aspects of the creative process and it shows in my work. 
Along my BA Degrees and Certificates, I also see myself as a lifelong autodidact. I am constantly teaching myself and absorbing teachings in a wide variety of fields. It's my strong belief that the more life experience and the wider your range of knowledge, the more you can bring to the table in your creative field. 

Creating is a strong passion of mine, and I love to create products that can influence people in any shape or form. I work in Pixel perfection details and aim to deliver the very best!


I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife and awesome dog, playing raquetball, biking, and enjoyed the powerful essence of what life has to offer. I am on the spiritual path, and daily try to create something new, and make a positive impact regardless of it's volume.
I have a super kind and friendly personality, and ability to work alone, or blend with a team is no issue at all. Preparing and writing docs is also not a problem at all,

I am extreme passionate about what I do, I love to create and innovate. Also Having a eye for extreme details is a key point that I take very seriously.



Tools and Expertise

  • Used All Tools, but advanced in All Adobe Suit applications, experienced  with prototyping tools such as OmniGraffle, Visio, Axure, and more...

UI/UX Design areas I am comfortable Working in follows:

  • Lean UX, Agile UX
  • User Interfaces, Desktop, Mobile, TV, Kiosk & Instrument
  • Product Design
  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Information architecture (IA)
  • Use Cases
  • User Centered Design
  • Personas
  • Brand Guidance
  • Open Graph
  • GIT, Agile Development (Jira, Scrum & Scrum Master)

Also Have interacted with:

  • HTM5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Material (Learning in progress)
  • Angular JS (Learning in progress)
  • Node JS
  • Mongo dB
  • PHP
  • Flash
  • Spring Rest API
  • JAVA
  • D3 Charts
  • Youtube API
  • Facebook API
  • Soundcloud API

Have solid Grasp of:

  • Lean & Agile UX
  • User Interface and development methods
  • HCI & Human Factor
  • Modern Web Standards and Specs
  • Unified modeling Language (UML)
  • OOP Object Oriented Programming Method 
  • OOD Object Oriented Design Methods

Advanced API Social Skills in: 
Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
5Min to Lean UX Book now available for Purchase on Amazon.com

The success lays within the experience!