Photo by ronstik/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ronstik/iStock / Getty Images

Projects Involved in: Turbotax FUD Experience, Social Beehive Dashboard , TTO PR & Marketing, Heart Hub Project.


Case Study 01


Create a better experience to reduce FUD "Fear Uncertainty & Doubt), minimizing the customer's drop out.

The UI had to be intuitive, and clean without reducing the feature.
Discoverability was very important. Performing User Centric Research to discover the best concept possible.


I worked with the Stake Holders,  Customers directly to understand the business needs and their overall experience. And learn about the problem it self.

Super elementary (good ole' pencil and paper), and low fidelity wireframes to follow, sharing with members of the top management team throughout the process & sharing the discoveries.

Once the requirements were approved, wireframes were reviewed with engineering to estimate the project and followed by filling patents.

Concept 01: Using Apple's Beat Music API to allow users to listen to their own playlist or choose the taste of their own music while doing their taxes.
Concept 02: Power of many! Indication of how many similar fillers doing same exact thing at the same time, on any current moment.
Concept 03: Emojii Sharing, allowing user to express their current emotion and redirecting the UX through this data!
Or Using Affectiva Face emotion API to capture Mobile Fillers's emotion during the experience and redirect the UX accordingly!
Concept 04: Patented: Using Apple's watch and heart technology, collecting user's emotion through an array of Heart rate data, and redirecting the UX automatically without user's interaction.


With wireframes in approved state, collaboration with the visual design team would begin.

Visual designs would then communicate internally with key stakeholders, compliance dept., editorials etc. and eventually make their way into the engineering queue to get aligned for separate sprint planning session.

The process is an iterative one, with the final vision of the feature slowing coming to life.

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Role: Senior User Experience Lead XD

Responsibilities: Product Roadmap, Content Strategy, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Technology & Tools: Axure RP • Sketch • Invision • Adobe XD • Omnigraffle • Adobe Design Suite • MS Office • MAC OSX • Webstorm • Bracket• Pen and paper.
Interactions with: Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
Services & Solutions Involved: iCode, GitHub, Jenkins
Amazon AWS Services

Live URL available up on request!