Here is few snapshots of the projects which I have worked on, should give you an understanding of my knowledge of making apps. I can provide the following services:

  • Manage the entire project and deliver your App on any Platform available on today's market
  • Create Complete Design and concept writting
  • New or exsisting App testing and trouble shooting
  • Advertisement such as iAds, Google Ads Development and management.
  • And many more please contact me for more details.
  • I have advanced experience with prototyping tools such as OmniGraffle, Visio, Axure, and many more....

My Latest App Design for Utilizing Heart beat and face recognition techniques to determine user's behavior and emotion, To reduce Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty, US Patent Filed!

Complete App Designed for Shakila, Now available on iTunes, Android, Windows, Kindle and more...

Click on Image for Live preview

Ritm App, Selects Music, Based on Genre Selection, Custom Genre Set, And also Based on Heart Rate Data Captured From iWatch. Means Slower Heart Rate Plays More mellow songs, faster more energetic and uplifting, the heart rate is tied in to the Music Genome Attributes. Used Xcode, and Php for backend.

Created the entire UI/UX Design for a Radio App on iPhone with custom stations and all the pages, what you see is just few pages of the many pages created.

Created Entire Video Entertainment app, 100% custom coded and designed

Created entire app for Artist "Shakila" with Fan Signup & update, Video Audio Player, Events, Concerts, and more....